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Thank You Whanganui


Its not very often I get to drive now....Yesterday Enoch had to have the day off so I jumped at the chance to head to Whanganui and catch up with all our egg people up there!  Its been nearly a year since I last managed to wedge his bum out of that seat and the Whanganui Run.... since we don't get to do it often, its one of the favorites, and we always stop at the beach and take 5 to enjoy the view.....and pee lol.....even though your toilet is weird and you have to remember to take your loo paper in with you from outside the toilet....what is up with that? It took me about 5 times of sitting there remembering after the fact to get it lol.


I always love the opportunity to get out there an see everyone, no matter where I am delivering.....but yesterday I got to eat freshly baked scones (very good timing on my part) and chocolate, got given such a cool boot puller on thingy, talked plants, got to see my oldest and wisest customer and sit down for 10 and have a laugh at her hijinks....I will never look a scrabble tiles the same again (just guessing she's the oldest) She always leaves a little bit of baking and a chocolate bar for energy (thanks Enoch, I ate it lol) Too just chat with so many people I haven't seen for ages.... yes the day took about 2 hours longer than normal, but it was just so cool.  Its something I really miss is the personal interaction..... now I spend so much time in the back ground but when I started you were all locked up and house bound, many were super excited to see someone from the outside world and had freedom and even more excited to see eggs that didn't take 4 hours to line up to potentially find there was none left.... in ways it was such a interesting time to watch and see the human behaviours and interactions on been jailed and semi scared to actually planting a garden and learning your neighbours names and helping out strangers...there was some good that come out of the crazy...... but in all honesty, it was what built The Egg Project and saved us from culling thousands on fluffy ladies (if you cant sell their eggs, you cant afford to feed them).  So I just wanted to say thank you...yesterday was just lovely, to see you all up there and the excitement of seeing me jump out of the van.....was awesome!  But I will say I am sorry to some of you as I have probably placed eggs in places Enoch doesn't, so its going be a little like easter come early to a few of you.... and some would have been a lot later than normal as there was a lot of jaw jabbing going on!  It was such a pleasure to be out there.....the weather was beautiful, people were smiling and life was good!  It really is such a cool part of what we do and all over Free Range and Certified Organic eggs and Avocados, who would have thought!  Hope you all have a great day!