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You Choose.

We have either Free-Range or Free-Range Organic eggs to choose from. You can have your eggs delivered weekly or fortnightly.

We Pick.

Your eggs are then handpicked daily straight from our farm.

We Pack.

Your order is packed and dispatched all on the same day. It can't get any fresher than that!

We Deliver.

Depending on where you live, your eggs will be delivered on your predetermined delivery day so they arrive super fresh on your doorstep.

You Enjoy.

Enjoy our amazing eggs as nature intended, bursting with colour, flavour and goodness.

How it Works

It's easy! Register an account with us. If you are a group, enter your code on the register page, place your orders or subscribe to receive your eggs on the regular.

We then have a word with our chickens, give them your orders and pack all eggs within 24 hours of being laid and deliver them to you on a predetermined day for distribution.

At the end of the set term or period, we donate the fundraised portion of sales back to groups for their project.

See below for our most common questions! Ask a question?

How do I setup a subscription?

Browse our shop, find the eggs you want and hit Subscribe. Fill in your details, select your delivery region and then your delivery day.  Once you have your subscription in place, you can log into your account and edit it as you please. You can skip the next order, select a date in the future when you want your next eggs, change egg type, change frequency, pause an order, update addresses and cards and cancel if you decide to leave us!

How do I do a one-off purchase?

Head straight to the shop, choose your product, click buy now, either register or continue through as a guest, make your payment and we will deliver asap.

When will you deliver my order?

If you are a Gate to Door Customer, when you select your delivery region, the available options will be in bold in your delivery calendar.  These do change occasionally for public holidays and also when we are at capacity.  Please select the next available day to get them ASAP.

If you live way out in the whops and are off our normal delivery route, and you don't know what do select, flick us an email and we will get you sorted somehow!! 

How nutritious are these brown googlies?

Two of our eggs per day give you your daily required intake for Vitamin D.

Our eggs are rich in iron, Vitamin D and Omega-3 fatty acids. And with six grams of protein per egg, they pack a punch of nourishment.  Our ladies have extra Vitamin D and Calcium added to our feed to make sure our birds remain healthy and have everything they need to produce a fantastic healthy egg!

Exhaustive research has been done around eggs that can be widely found from any form of research.  Below is a compilation what has been found for your greater knowledge.

Eggs are a ‘complete protein’, meaning they contain all the essential amino acids needed for healthy body functions. For their weight eggs provide the highest quality protein of all foods. This protein is highly digestible and may provide satiety (keeping you fuller for longer), which helps weight management.

Vitamins and Minerals

Eggs contain the following essential vitamins, minerals and antioxidants:

  • Selenium an antioxidant which protects our body and immune system
  • Folate  for growth and maintenance of healthy cells
  • Pantothenic acid (Vitamin B5 ) releases energy from our food for our body to use
  • Vitamin B12  for brain and nervous system functions and blood formation
  • Vitamin A for growth and eye health
  • Iodine to ensure proper function of our thyroid gland
  • Vitamin E  an antioxidant to protect our bodies against disease
  • Phosphorous helps build strong bones and teeth
  • Iron to produce haemoglobin which carries oxygen around our bodies
  • Thiamin to turn carbohydrates into energy our body can use
  • Zinc helps in growth, wound healing, blood formation and maintenance of tissues
  • Vitamin D important in bone and respiratory health
  • Calcium for building and maintaining bones and teeth
  • Biotin helps cell metabolism and the utilisation of fats, proteins and carbohydrates
  • Lecithin contains acetylcholine which has been proven to help brain function
  • Choline is important in many metabolic processes, including those of liver, heart and brain
  • Lutein is important for eye health


Eggs contain the phytochemicals lutein and zeaxanthin, which act as antioxidants and are thought to be protective in the prevention of eye disease.

Eggs & cholesterol

Studies conducted in healthy people show no effect of daily egg intake on blood cholesterol. In addition the latest scientific evidence shows no association between increased intake of dietary cholesterol and increased risk of heart disease or stroke.

Please visit any of the below reputable websites for referenced information on eggs.


Do you wash your eggs?

We only wash our eggs if we have too…..the way our laying system is set up, they lay onto a clean comfy mat and we collect within hours of them being laid…….if any of the eggs are dirty, we have a special egg washer which uses a very small amount of Organically Certified Cleaning Product, specifically for the job, which cleans the eggs and then they are rinsed of all residue, dried and then packaged.  We won’t even get into the ridiculous number of times a day we wash our hands these days. (Virtual high-five!)

What sizes are the eggs?

Chicken are amazing creatures….when they first start laying we get huge amounts of little eggs around Size 5’s(<44-53gms) and 6 (53-61gms), as the chickens get larger and older they start producing bigger eggs….the average size egg is size 7 (62-67gms). As they get towards the end of their laying cycle they produce size 8 (>68gms) otherwise known as Jumbo eggs...these you will see in our 20 Cell Trays as they come through as they don’t fit in the Dozen cartons!

Are your Organic Eggs Certified?

Yes, we are audited every year by Asure Quality to make sure we abide by all the strict guidelines and protocols that they put in place that we must adhere to on a daily basis.   We are also audited 4 times a year by MPI to make sure we are doing what we say we are and our animals have good lives!

Are you regularly audited by the Ministry of Primary Industries?

Yes, we are audited 4 times a year by MPI to ensure that we are following all the rules and regulations in regards to how we produce our eggs, food safety and handling, Risk Management plans, pest control and most importantly Animal Welfare.  

Will we take your trays back?

Of course! All of our cartons and trays are made from 100% recycled material and we collect used trays from you for reuse and recycling if we have too.  Please make sure that they are still firm, not ripped or stained and remove the stickers.  If they are not up to play for reuse, please pop them in your recycling bin or use for firelighters, seedling trays, compost carbon or anything else you can think of.


How do I add delivery details into my subscription?

Head to our website and then click in MY ACCOUNT.

Once in there click on MY SUBSCRIPTIONS


Click EDIT on the middle box titled ADDRESS and in there put down any details we need to know :-)

Heading away.....How do I pause my subscription?

Just head into MY ACCOUNT and click on my subscription, CLICK CHANGE MY SUBSCRIPTION, and then in the first box titled SUBSCRIPTION, click EDIT and then click pause.   You will have to remember when you want to start up again to select a day in the future to start it again.   If you don't want to have to remember, all you have to do is make sure you go into your subscription before I process the next weeks eggs, so before midday Thursday before to be safe, and then follow the same instructions, but instead of clicking pause, just change the START DATE to one in the future when you want your eggs to be delivered again on.

If you have any problems please email me on 

Why are there no eggs available at the moment? January 2023

Sadly due to the current egg climate out there, we are regularly running out of eggs, please just check back regularly as I do list more up every day.

If you would like to know more about what's happening in the egg world, please follow us on Facebook.

When will my subscription be processed and the payment come out of my account?

I try to get some office time on a Friday/Saturday to process all the subscriptions for the coming week.  That's when you should see the payment come out.  Its important you have money in that account otherwise when I try to process it another day, if we have sold out of eggs, there will be none to deliver to you!

Why will Pip not answer her phone?

You would think that we live in timbuktoo.... but no, we are in a major dead spot in Bainesse and I have tried everything to get this fixed, I have tried 4 different phone networks and still very poor coverage.... also I am often with the hens, delivering eggs, sorting the yurts, packing eggs and generally just running around like a headless chook!  The best way to get me is via email, as I check those about 200 times a day.  Im very sorry but if you do need me to ring you, please email me on with your phone number and I will get to you!  Thanks

Why can't I add avos to my subscription?

Sadly this is because I cant promise we will always have them and I have been caught out a number of times with not enough and I have had to go and buy lots at $2.99 each and they are not as good as ours, or I have been caught with an over supply and I hate waste.  You can order them for the same day that your eggs are ordered for on your subscription.

Why are some eggs not available for a subscription?

Some eggs we don't get a lot of so its very tricky to allow subscriptions as I would hate to over promise and under deliver.  Currently the only eggs you can subscribe to is the ones that we still have a little excess of, that is the Certified Organic 20 cell and if you are looking for a subscription of the Free Range 20 Cell eggs, please flick me a message to see if there are any slots available on 

Sustainability is super important to Us....Its certainly no yolk!!

At The Egg Project, we take environmental sustainability so seriously that we even named our office plants and give them daily pep talks!  We've gone to great lengths to ensure our business operates in the most sustainable and humorous way possible. So grab your green hat and let's dive into our egg-citing sustainable practices!

First things first, we're all about energy reduction, because who needs unnecessary wattage when you can have eggs-tra sunshine? By using free-range systems for our hens, we minimize the need for artificial lighting and heating. We like to think of it as giving our hens a taste of the great outdoors while also keeping our energy bills on a diet. And if that's not enough, we've decked out our operations with LED lights. It's like having a disco party that saves the planet—talk about energy efficiency!

When it comes to conserving natural resources, we're not just chicken-ing around. Our free-range hens get to munch on vegetation, insects, and grass, reducing their reliance on grain-based feed. Not only does this decrease the demand for land, water, and energy needed for feed production, but it also adds a touch of "locavore" flair to our farming practices. And let's not forget our 5-hectare wetland. We've put it under royal protection with a QE2 Covenant, ensuring that the wildlife can enjoy their wet and wild parties while we keep the ecosystem in tip-top shape.

Preserving biodiversity is like throwing a massive party, and everyone's invited! Our free-range systems create the perfect habitats for hens and other critters, creating a buzzing ecosystem. It's like a block party for nature, where the hens lay eggs and the wildlife groove to their own beat. We've got vegetation growth, shelter for various species including pine nuts, which the ladies just love, and a lot of feathery fun!

Now, let's talk about nitrogen management. We're not letting ammonia stink up the hen house! Our dry manure system keeps the air fresh and the nitrogen in check. And you won't believe what we do with all that collected manure—it becomes the superhero of our Certified Organic pastureland as organic fertilizer! We've got the whole nitrogen cycle in harmony, ensuring it stays out of groundwater and pollution's way. We even avoid wet areas in the hens' runs because we're not fans of soggy surprises!

When it comes to animal welfare, we pamper our hens like they're on a luxurious vacation. Shade-providing trees in their runs? Check! Low stocking rates for a spacious and comfortable living environment? Double check! We treat our hens like the VIPs of the chicken world. It's all about ethical treatment and giving them the best hen-cation they could dream of.

Say goodbye to synthetic pesticides, herbcides and chemicals and hello to organic farming! We're all about playing by the certified organic rulebook. No synthetic pesticides, herbicides, or GMOs allowed. We prefer a more natural approach, with crop rotation and organic fertilizers. It's like our own little dance party in the field, where the pests are boogieing out of sight, and our ecosystem stays healthy and vibrant.

Packaging matters, and we take it to egg-streme levels of sustainability. Our trays are made from locally sourced, recyclable materials, so you can feel good about your eggs' ride home. We even encourage customers to return the trays for reuse or composting. And on the farm, we've got durable plastic trays that have seen more egg trips than they can count. We're also working on the ultimate tray innovation that eliminates the need for paper resources. It's egg-citing stuff!

Efficient delivery routes and energy-efficient transportation are our secret weapons. We've got an egg-cellent delivery optimization app that minimizes mileage, fuel consumption, and emissions. We're all about optimizing delivery efficiency and reducing our carbon footprint. Our vehicles are maintained with the utmost care, and we've even got throttle controllers for fuel efficiency and reduced emissions. It's like an egg convoy that runs on pure efficiency!

We're all about supporting local agriculture communities and reducing transportation distances. We've joined forces with local suppliers to bring you not just our eggs, but other local produce as well. It's like a sustainability party where everyone's invited, and we're all doing the local produce shuffle!

Efficient inventory management is no yolk. We're masters at predicting demand and managing inventory levels to make sure our eggs are sold and delivered before their expiration dates. Waste is not on our guest list, and we're all about minimizing excessive production and storage. It's like a perfectly orchestrated egg dance where everything falls into place!

Customer awareness and education are the life of the party. We make sure to communicate our sustainability efforts through various channels. We even provide responsible waste disposal methods for our packaging materials, so you can feel egg-static about being part of our sustainability journey. Recycling, composting, or returning packaging to us is like being the VIP guest at the sustainability party.

Last but not least, we measure and improve our environmental impact like a sustainability DJ on fire! We monitor key indicators like packaging waste, and fuel consumption. We set goals, track progress, and continuously enhance our sustainability practices. It's like a never-ending dance party of improvement, where we keep grooving to a greener beat… step total Life Cycle Assessment and Carbon Life Cycle analysis…. Pips already had the training!

In summary, we take environmental sustainability seriously.  With our reduced energy consumption, natural resource conservation, biodiversity preservation, nitrogen management, animal welfare practices, chemical-free farming, responsible packaging, optimized delivery, local partnerships, efficient inventory management, customer education, and continuous improvement, we're dancing our way towards a more sustainable future. Let's make sustainability the coolest party on the block!


How do I change the quantity of tray within my subscription

If at any time you would like to increase or decrease the amount of eggs you get in your subscription, please make sure you do it before I process all the subs on a Friday for the following week.  Best to do before midday Thursday.

Step 1 - Sign into your account

Step 2 - Click on MY SUBSCRIPTION


Step 4 - On the box on the left click EDIT



Step 5 - In here you can adjust the product your are purchasing and then on the right you can adjust the quantity.  Also make sure the start date is in the future.  Then click SAVE

Step 6 - Make sure you click ACTIVATE MY SUBSCRIPTION - this button is what work with our windcave payment gateway and is you giving permission to them to adjust your subscription - very important!


And then I suggest as a double check you go back into MY SUBSCRIPTION and check that it is as you want it.  If you have any issues, please do email me on

How do I update my credit card in my subsciption?

Firstly sign into your account.



In the Third Box called PAYMENT click EDIT

Click on circle next to ADD NEW CARD

Follow through the system and your new card will be added to your subscription.

Please contact me if you have any problems and I will get it sorted for you.