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Fundraising all things good

We are firm believers in looking at the world differently and making it a fairer place. With our background in sustainability, education and food production we wanted to look at a new way of supplying food to the people.

The Egg Project was initially hatched with raising funds in mind. We wanted to find a way to work with all types of groups, such as early childhood centres, kindergartens, schools, sports groups, churches, Not for Profit groups, community groups and even businesses. 

The way most people currently purchase eggs results in the middle men and retailer making a rather large profit margin, leaving the producer(us) and purchaser(you) to cover that cost. 

With our model, the producer gets a fair price for their eggs and you get to buy amazing nutritious fresh Free-range and Free-range Organic eggs at an affordable price and the profit margin goes to your group/community/business for fundraising, where we think it belongs and can make a difference. Through doing this there are many other benefits such as shortening the supply chain and keeping it reliable and the eggs fresh, as well as reducing the carbon footprint of our eggs.

So how does this work?

You contact us to register and we discuss how this will work best for your group.

In short, we have a set price for both our Free-Range and Certified Organic Dozen packs. We then add $1.00 per pack and we sell these to the people within your group and give you back this fundraised margin at the end of the set period.  This margin can be negotiated under unique circumstances.

  • We together select a period for how long you would like to run the project ie school/kindy term, or say, 10 weeks
  • We together select a day that suits for our delivery and a collection day for your group
  • We give you a link to send out to all your people to visit our website and have a look as to what this is all about. This will have the specific details of your price of eggs and the collection day and time.
  • We give them a unique code that is just for your group (this can include neighbours, friends, families and your support networks)
  • They sign up, select what type of eggs they like, how many and how often
  • They choose which type of eggs they want, then choose to pay for their eggs weekly or subscribe for a longer period of time
  • The eggs are delivered on your selected day to be collected by your people
  • At the end of your selected period, we give you back the profit margin for your fundraising

All very simple, after all our motto is “all things good!”

Fundraising FAQs

For further help, try our FAQs or get in touch with us.

How do I set up a subscription for School, Early Childcare, Community or Business Fundraising?

Browse our shop, find the eggs you want and hit Subscribe. Once you have your subscription in place, you can log into your account and edit it as you please. You can skip the next order, change egg type, change frequency, pause an order, update addresses and cards and cancel.

When will you deliver my order?

If you are part of our School/Early Childcare Group Fundraising Egg Project or Business Group, your eggs will be delivered on a predetermined day to a specific address ready for you to collect by a certain time.  You will know of this when you sign up to place your order and subscribe.