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Our Story.

We are a family owned business with a long history of farming free range and organic eggs, never cage, barn or colony.

We are nestled among the dune lands near the small coastal settlement of Himatangi Beach in the coastal Manawatu region of New Zealand. We employ local people to work with us, as we value them as much as our animals.

Our chickens spend their days roaming through the grass, picking at bugs, bathing and basking in the sun while finding shade under the pine nuts and other trees when it gets too warm. By night and in the wet weather they are sheltered in warm weatherproof barns.

We started small and have continued to grow and between us have over 30 years’ experience. Our ambition is to hold and maintain, and also to exceed our high level of Animal Welfare Standards and requirements under the Animal Welfare Code of Conduct, we never compromise on stocking density and food quality. We hold our animals in the utmost respect.

We identified that more and more people want to know how their food is produced, they want local, they want fresh and they want ethically produced. That is what we do!

Within the current confines of markets, we decided that we wanted to look for a new way of retailing eggs that was fairer for all involved. We also wanted a better way to get fresher eggs with high nutritional value to the people faster and without all the added costs.

We didn’t want the profit margin to go to big foreign owned corporates and the fat cats, but to stay with the people in the community where we believe it should stay. Hence, we came up with THE EGG PROJECT!

We invite our schools and early childhood centres to come and visit us down on the farm... do some egg and spoon races, hunt for some eggs, meet Matty our Kelpie and the chickens and see how it’s all done!

"We are a locally owned producer with a vision of keeping the profit margin in the community where it belongs and providing better food for the people at a much more affordable cost!"

The Egg Project