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Organic Eggs

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Happy Hens

We want to change the way Kiwis get their eggs.

EGGCELLENT,local, free-range and organic eggs delivered regularly.

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Free-range hens are happy hens.

And ours are free to roam and play on over eight beautiful acres of outdoor pasture and pine nut plantations every day. That’s freedom you can taste. And an egg you can feel eggs-tra good about.

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Both our Organic and Free-Range Eggs have a résumé that tends to intimidate regular eggs. When you crack open these brown beauties you can be rest assured they come from free-range happy hens.

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All this egg talk is making us hungry. You, too?

Once you’ve tasted our eggs, there’s no going back. These fresh, creamy eggs with their plump orange yolks make a flavourful addition to any dish.

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Are you looking for a really simple, hassle free fundraiser? If so, consider The Egg Project. The eggs are pre-ordered and paid for directly, delivered to the school and our only job is handing over the cartons of delicious eggs on a prearranged day. Everything else is sorted by Pip, media material etc included.

I highly recommend this initiative - and certainly purchase the eggs myself. It is supporting our local community and the eggs taste great - couldn't be easier!

Lin Dixon
  • Hokowhitu School
  • Principal