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PIP'S TIP'S - Double Yolkers!

Pips Tips

How is a Double Yolk Egg created?

A double-yolk egg occurs when two egg yolks are released into a hen's oviduct too close together and end up encased within the same shell, very similar to having twins 😊.  The shell is formed around both yolks inside a single eggshell.

Generally, about an hour after an egg is laid, the next yolk is released, but due to hormonal change or imbalance, an overstimulated ovary sometimes misfires and releases the yolk too early.  This is more common in ladies that are just starting to lay and towards the end of their laying career.

It can also be genetic, and therefore hereditary, and is more common in the hybrids and heavier breeds.  

Are Double Yolk Eggs Safe to Eat?

Double yolk eggs are perfectly safe to eat.

The albumin may contain slightly less of its nutritional value, but you will have twice the protein from two yolks.

Some people actually pay more money for these eggs, they are in high demand!

The nutritional value of a double yolk egg is just about the same as a jumbo egg, but you might not want to use them in baking since it could throw off the recipe because of the two yolks.

Double Yolk Egg Superstitions

You can find old wives’ tale about almost everything and double yolk eggs are no exception!  I cracked up when I was researching for this “Pip’s Tip’s”

In Wiccan lore they are thought to bring good fortune or luck.

Whereas in Romany folklore if someone in the family is pregnant when a double yolk egg is found, then it is said she will have twins. It stands to reason that these eggs (being a symbol of fertility) will bring news of a birth.  I must check and see if over the last 3 years there has been an increase in the numbers of Twins within our delivery regions…..and if you have had twins and eat my eggs…. Im not sure whether to say sorry or congratulations!  I have twin girls, so I do understand!

In Norse mythology a double yolk is thought to predict death, I don’t think this one is true as I haven’t seen piles and piles of eggs building up on doorsteps (thank goodness)

Finally, in the spiritual community it is thought to be an indicator that you are about to meet your twin flame or soul companion…..hmmm since Im picking you are all above 18 years old and will get I say this tongue in cheek…. I hope you are all very happy with your partners and the divorce/affair rate in our egg customers is no higher than people who not eating our eggs.

In writing this I take no responsibility for multiple births, dispatches from the planet or unmatches from your partners 😊

Can you get more than two yolks?

Yes! The most yolks ever found in one egg is nine. That's a mighty big omelet.   The most I have seen is 4 yolks!!

Why do you get big eggs sometimes and just size 7/8 at others?

This all completely depends on what the age of the ladies are that are laying on the day that we are packing and delivering your eggs.  When we started The Egg Project Gate to Door deliveries we just decided we would keep it super simple, 20 cell trays of Free Range eggs and that they would all be size 7 and above, and we grade for this and it certainly makes our lives a lot easier around packing and delivering.

To begin with I did get people saying they only wanted the jumbos, but after explaining that it was very similar to saying to your Midwife on the birth of your child “we only want tall children”….. our customers have got their heads around that at times, they will be smaller, and at others, they will be bigger….also that sometimes the shells will be thinner and others times, will be a lot thicker, even the yolk colour changes depending on what they are eating during that season.  Our ladies are animals and like us they are not machines that can produce an egg that is exactly the same every time and we are proud that with our farming practices etc that we manage to keep them 30-40 weeks longer than the average commercial producer.