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PIP'S TIP'S - What's the "bloom" on an egg?

Pips Tips

PIP TIPS - I often get asked do we wash our eggs or should I wash your eggs? In short - NO! So why I hear you ask.... When our clever ladies lay their eggs, they are coated in a bloom - this is 2 layers of a very thin liquid protein that coats the shell and protects the permeable (allows air in) surface of the shell. It then dries within 2 minutes of been laid and the shell will remain air proof for at least 21 days. This is to protect the egg from any bacteria....Mother Nature is so clever!! Once this bloom starts to wear off (which is does naturally) air is able to pass between the outside and inside of the shell......this increases the size of the existing little air pocket in the egg. Hence why when we do the float test to check out the age of the egg, it either floats, sinks or stays suspended!